About Us


The mission of Big Island Box is to promote small business on Hawai'i island. By subscribing to Big Island Box, you will support 6-10 local companies every month, and get introduced to countless Hawaiian delicacies, all natural health and wellness products, and local artists.

Big Island Box curates a collection of different products and sends them to your door. Products and companies rotate each month, so you'll get to experience an ever-growing range of great Big Island businesses. Products in Big Island Box generally fall into three categories:

 - Food and Beverage

 - Health and Wellness

 - Arts and Culture

Each box contains a menu with a description of all the products and custom promotion codes for Big Island Box customers to use on featured products.

Polynesian settlers that became the ancient Hawaiians created one of the most successful agricultural civilizations in human history. The plants that they brought with them, known as the "canoe plants," include coconut (niu), turmeric ('olena), banana (mai'a), taro (kalo) and many others. You will see these plants prominently featured in many Big Island products, along with the tastes and flavors that have also come to call Hawaii home, like tropical fruit, coffee, macadamia nuts, chocolate and honey.

The logo of Big Island Box is a pineapple, chosen for its representation of hospitality (while not a canoe plant, the white pineapple is our favorite fruit!). Big Island Box makes a great gift for a loved one, including yourself! We hope you enjoy, and help us in our mission to spread Aloha around the world.